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Platform for everyone to write achievements, so that their stories will not be forgotten.

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I was working as a CTO for a startup company and I worked closely with everyone all the time in order to make the idea become reality. At times, I will go extra miles to carry out tasks which are out of my job scope in order to help and solve issues.

On one fine day, I've planned a short trip to bring my team out to relax and team building. So we went, and we had a great time there. While on our way back, I met an accident and my car was totaled. I was hospitalized and was in a terrible state.

About two weeks later, I was discharged from the hospital and have to rest about two months. At this period, I was organizing my thoughts and emotions because the incident changed me in many ways. One of it I had in mind was "If I died at that point when I crashed, after years nobody will remember what I've contributed."

Of course, I'm aware that my contributions are not something major, but the amount of time, energy and sincerity that I've spent to make a change to my neighbourhood or people around me are genuine and honest. People will start to forget the things I've done after years down the road, which is understandable, but those contributions and memories are valuable at least for my parents and loved ones.

If you notice that a lot of things that we use every day, like the elevator and road that we walk were all built by professionals that we do not know. Usually, people who worked behind the scenes are all unsung hero.

Hence, it sparked an idea in me that if I could write my stories and store it in the digital realm, my legacies will live on. Needless to say, this can also be a good portfolio for people to read about your past achievements when looking for jobs and opportunities.

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